5 Super Luxurious Neoclassical Bathroom Designs

Neoclassical bathroom design is a concept for those who love the celebration of eternal life. Those who enjoy the atmosphere and feel of luxury.

Quoting behance, a design studio based in Dubai managed to design a super luxurious neoclassical bathroom. Their design bathroom designs have very beautiful classic architectural features. Creating a charming interior atmosphere with a very romantic atmosphere.

Neoclassical-style bathroom interiors were created to look soft but very luxurious. The bathroom floor uses natural marble flooring. Perfect lighting installation shows luxurious mosaics on each interior layer.

The bathroom walls are decorated with bright natural marble, which emphasizes the panel and makes it clearer and looks like runny. The bath area looks like it has a special room behind a large ceriman decorated with pearlescent mosaic tiles. The interior looks very elegant and luxurious. This composition is reinforced by delicate ceiling decoration with crystal pendant lamps.

Desain kamar mandi neoklasik super mewah

Neoclassical Style Bathroom Design

Neoclassical style bathrooms use typical architectural materials such as columns, rough stone floors and stone bathtubs. This standard setting defines a neoclassical bathroom design.

The neoclassical style is based on ancient Greek and Roman art, as well as the insignificant influence of ancient Egyptian art and culture. The neoclassical design is characterized by a symmetrical, rectangular design and looks solid and hard.

Besides all the distinctive classical architectural elements, the neoclassical bathroom design also features a very luxurious bathtub. This bathtub is usually the result of high engraving handmade art that has a perfect finishing level and the use of very expensive materials.

Just one suggestion, to get a neoclassical bathroom design, you have to spend no small amount. However, the results of neoclassical design in the bathroom, will certainly spoil you. When you are in it, you will always feel in a room with perfect luxury and perfect comfort.

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