What is a Cleanroom Certification? Everything You Need to Know

There are various kinds of cleanroom certifications available. Let us discuss ISO 14644-1, FS 209, Terra Universal, and NEBB. The strategies, protocols, and evaluations are necessary for achieving the desired results. These documents also include essential information such as the required minimum airflow rates and pressures in a cleanroom. This article also discusses the difference between the standards and the types of cleanrooms.

FS 209

If your business produces biological materials, you may be interested in FS 209 Cleanroom Certification. This certification recognizes cleanrooms that meet specific standards, such as ISO 14644-1. The U.S. General Services Administration first developed the FS 209 Cleanroom Certification program. Later, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) set its cleanroom standards known as FS 209E, and several working groups developed new requirements and standards.

While ISO and FS standards may seem complicated, PortAll software takes care of all the calculations for you. Whether you …

Common Household Pests

Pests in the home can be difficult to find, and even more difficult to get rid of. Some species more commonly appear in residences during the winter as they seek warmth and shelter, but pests can be a problem year-round. Here are some common household pests and ways to prevent them. 

Bugs and Insects

Bugs and insects, such as flies, wasps, and bed bugs Staten Island, can be particularly difficult to see until they multiply and become a major problem. Some ways to prevent bugs from invading your home include keeping sources of food in tightly closed containers, eliminating standing water around your home, and keeping windows and doors closed when nobody is present. 


Rodents like mice, squirrels, and rats can be easier to spot than bugs and insects but have the potential to do lots of damage. Rodents chew on almost anything and will find a way …

How To Refresh a Tired Kitchen

When your kitchen appears out of style and old, it can bring down the entire look and feel of your home. Whether your kitchen is showing signs of wear and tear or just feeling outdated, it may be time for a refresh. If you want to breathe new life into a tired, old kitchen, here are a few must-try ideas. 

Replace Countertops 

Countertops serve as not just a functional element when preparing food, but they also add aesthetic appeal. If you want your kitchen to be so much more than an area that maximizes function and fashion. Consider replacing your old countertops with quartz countertops Pittsburgh PA

Upgrade With Sleeker Appliances 

When you want to improve your kitchen, upgrading your appliances is a must. Instead of having your old, unappealing appliances take focus away from your beautiful culinary space, opt for a sleeker, more eye-catching option. Whether you replace …

When the Heat Is On, You Need an Extreme Fluid

All kinds of machinery from the largest earthmovers right down to the family car require fluids of various types. They act as coolants, provide lubrication, and also work as hydraulic fluids to power various systems. They have a tough job and these fluids must be able to stand up to heat and pressure. For some applications, the stress fluids must endure is off the charts. You need a special kind of fluid for these types of machines.

The Right Kind of Fluid

Machinery that creates very high temperatures. requires extreme pressure fluid Houston TX. High speeds generate large amounts of friction. This causes extreme heat and pressure. Standard lubricants and fluids will break down under these conditions, leaving your valuable machine unprotected. This can be disastrous and cost you a fortune. 

Extreme pressure additives are mixed in with standard fluids. These compounds coat metal surfaces, leaving a durable …

3 Types of Insurance Claims

An insurance claim involves asking your insurance company to pay for something that you have insurance on, such as a car or a house. Filing a claim involves filling out forms and sometimes taking photos of any damage that has occurred. Even if your claim is approved, you may still have to pay a deductible on the claim, if this is mentioned in your policy. Here are three types of insurance claims. 

1. Home Insurance

A homeowner might make a claim on their home for damage or loss of property caused by fire, thunderstorm, snow, or hail. Besides natural disasters, home insurance claims can involve home burglaries, vandalism, and coverage in the event that someone was injured on your property. Your insurance claims St Louis MO company will go over what can and cannot be covered under your home insurance policy. 

2. Car Insurance

An auto insurance claim is typically …