3 Best Landscape Design Tips To Try This Summer

Feeling like your home’s landscaping isn’t measuring up to that of your neighbors? With a few key outdoor updates, you can develop a landscaping strategy that will be sure to impress. Follow these three tips to get your landscaping looking its best this summer!

7 Landscaping Ideas for Beginners | Better Homes & Gardens

1. Plant a Floral Border

Property lines can often look unsightly. An easy way to give these areas a visual lift is to plant a floral border. Create new flowerbeds along your property lines, and choose flowers that will be able to grow in a variety of shady or sunny spots, depending upon the amount of trees you have in your yard. Herbaceous perennials and annuals, in combination with small shrubs, are particularly recommended to create a dense border.

2. Spruce up Your Lawn

You can’t overstate just how important a healthy, green lawn is to the overall look of your landscaping. Grass of all varieties can be a very touchy plant. To make sure your lawn stays healthy during the warm summer months, a high level of care is required. Professional lawn care treatment Edmond OK will find the right balance to give you a lawn that will be the envy of the entire neighborhood.

3. Add Height

If you want your landscaping to look instantly more dramatic, use some strategies to add height to your garden. Purchase a garden obelisk or trellis, or make one yourself from wooden slats. Once you have your structure in place, heavily plant the surrounding area with climbing plants that will attach to it. Climbing plants may take a while to get fully established, but once they do, the result is very eye-catching.

A few key landscape design strategies can make your outdoor spaces look unique and vibrant. Spend the summer months making these simple landscape improvements and you’ll have natural beauty that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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