Most people take their plumbing systems for granted; however, when something goes wrong, it is important for people to know where to turn. The professionals from Fox Valley Plumbing always take the time to educate their clients on what went wrong with the plumbing system. When it comes to common plumbing problems, there are a few common issues that everyone should note.

Common Residential Plumbing Issues - Ben Franklin Plumbing

A Faucet That Keeps Dripping

One of the most common plumbing issues that people deal with is a dripping faucet. Furthermore, this problem is so common that it is hard to find someone who hasn’t dealt with it. A dripping faucet is irritating and can keep someone up at night; however, it can also waste a tremendous amount of water in a short amount of time, driving up someone’s water bill. The most common cause of a dripping faucet is an internal washer that has become loose over time. It takes professional tools to fix this problem.

A Sink that Won’t Drain

Another common problem that homeowners face is a sink that drains slowly. This drain isn’t emptying properly because the water flow is restricted for some reason. A bathroom sink is usually clogged by hair or soap. A kitchen sink is usually caused by food remnants that have caused the blockage. While it can be tempting to run the garbage disposal nonstop to fix the problem, this could end up burning out the disposal. Instead, it is important to reach out to trained professionals for help dealing with this problem.

Rely on Trained Plumbing Professionals for Help

These are just a few of the most common plumbing issues that homeowners might face. While it is tempting for people to try to fix these issues on their own, it is always better to rely on trained professionals who will fix it right the first time.

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