6 Things You Must Know Before Hiring Removalists

An average Australian is most likely to move in the next ten years. People change the living location very often even though it seems like some are glued to one place forever. Even our last moving seems like too far ago.

The truth is we get to do this complex and serious act very often in our lives. Even though moving is exciting and offers a lot of changes in our lives, it’s still something that can bring so many problems and stress.

One of the most stressful situations in life is the weekend when you need to do this. The reason for this is that you have so many obligations that you can’t have everything under control. To avoid so much stress we need to choose the right removalists.

In this article, we’re talking about some of the things you must know before hiring them. Read on to learn more about this!

1. What kinds of trucks they have?

Ask them what kind of truck they have. If their vehicle is not big enough for everything you own, then it’s best if you go to someone else right away. It will be just wasting time to negotiate for prices, asking for dates and schedules, if they don’t have the basic equipment to finish this simple task.

2. Is your team professional and experienced?

Make sure you’re talking to a company and some person that is about to help you move. You need a team of professionals and not just a couple of guys who think are strong enough and they can handle everything. Have a look at this page – https://www.expertremovalists.net.au – and compare if your choice is anything similar to this one.

There are so many ads on the internet claiming to do a perfect job but they never do. That’s because the people coming over are inexperienced and just some people without a job trying to make a living. A lot of times they don’t pay taxes and work in the grey zone so you’re not supposed to be dealing with these kinds of people.

3. How do they charge?

Money is definitely something to talk about. The price is never fixed when it comes to these companies. It depends on too many factors for the owners to be able to make a fixed one. Always negotiate and try to find a better solution for your needs.

For example, the Brisbane Removalists always have the most work during the summer months. It is really hard to get a date during this period because everything’s overbooked. The smaller and unknown companies use this moment to raise their prices and become compatible with the market.

Also, the price can be different depending on the way the company charges. Some charge by distance and others do it by a job done. You need to make a proper calculation and see what option fits you the best. When you understand this, it will be easier to get a good price.

4. Their client history

Look around the internet and see what other people think about the work a certain company did. The reviews of previous customers can be highly valuable for you. They will show you if some company is not worth giving them a try and if some leave their clients satisfied more than others.

The internet pages offering this kind of service are based on real people who do not need to lie or tell something that’s not true. Just like you are giving reviews and comments on websites like Booking or Airbnb, that how they love leaving their two cents on the service they got.

5. Do they have extra equipment?

Very often, people have items that are not easy to be transported. Things like special instruments, art collections, boats, etc. These items need special equipment for removing them from one place to another.

If you have something like this, you need a team that can finish this task professionally and perfect. For example, if you own a small boat, they will need a special container or a special add-on for their truck. If they don’t have it, you don’t need them. Everything else can be perfect, but you’re not going to leave your boat behind, right?

6. How long will it take?

Before you start anything, ask them how long will the whole thing take. It’s best to make the plan upfront and take no improvisations. The most important thing about moving is having a firm a precise plan. Without it, many things can go wrong and you’ll be left with disappointment, a lot of money lost, and let’s not even talk about the stress you’ll go through.

Ask the people removing your stuff how much they need for the entire place and when you can expect to see everything placed inside the new home? If they can’t give you a straight answer, it’s a clear sign that they are hiding something or trying to earn more on your behalf.


With these things in mind, you should have much more fun and enjoy the total moving. Instead of having a stressful weekend, you can relax and enjoy by simply doing some things before hiring.

Just like everything else in life – planning and creating a strategy is something that can save you a lot of trouble and get you out of problems before they even happen. That’s why doing good research by following the rules written above is something you absolutely must do.

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