3 Tips for a Successful Move

A move is no small feat, whether you are moving from an apartment to a home or downsizing. Either way, the potential hang-ups are similar. Planning and timing are important, as are the four tips given below that may help you stay on top of things.

Helpful Tips To Help You Have a Successful Move

Box It

Randomly dumping items in the corner of a box just because they will fit is a good way to feel completely lost when you get to the other end. Keep like items from the same room together in one box. That way you will not have to rummage through several boxes wondering where your favorite vase went.

Store It

Especially if you are moving in a hurry, moving out temporarily for a remodel or even if you are downsizing, consider using the personal storage Petaluma residents trust to store your extra belongings. Leave them long term or when you are ready to send them on, you can access them.

Label It

Labeling your belongings is essential, especially if you are using a moving service or getting other help. Prepare in advance by obtaining some colored tapes and a couple of large- tip permanent markers. Label every box with three things:

  1. Number boxes “1 of …”
  2. The room it needs to be taken to written on coordinating colored tape
  3. One main item that is packed in the box

Numbering boxes helps ensure all your boxes make. Labeling it with the room means you won’t have to sort through kitchen boxes in the bedroom to find the blender. Labeling one item in the box will help when you can remember you put an item in the box with the grey towels, for instance.

Following these packing tips can help next time you need to start the moving process, or when you need to help someone else. Whether your move is rushed or you have a lot of time, grab some boxes and a marker and feel more confident.

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