You’re not alone if finding space for wine glasses in your home is a challenge. Even though I live in the Midwest and have a whole house, I still had to make a semi-permanent storage system for my collection of vintage coupes and vibrant goblets. I went vertical with staggered shelves that I cut and painted before levelling on heavy-duty gold brackets in my dining room because I didn’t have even an inch of kitchen cabinet space to spare. Luckily, there is a simpler approach to wine glass storage. There are actually four simpler methods, and none of them requires a saw or paint. Storing a stock of wines and glasses isn’t always easy, but there are a few tips to make it easier.

Fine Glassware

Don’t make wine storage mistakes. Glassware with delicate, thin rims ought to be kept with the bowl up. When storing and retrieving wine glasses from the cabinet, the likelihood of chipping the bowl is much reduced when the bowl is stored with the glass bowl up. Additionally, premium wine glasses are made with a sturdy base for upright storage. Storing on the bowl rim puts a lot of strain on the rim’s frail construction. To make it simple to use and store the glassware, keep the fine wine glasses about 12 inches apart while keeping them in this way. 

Wine fragrance

Good or terrible scents can be captured and presented using wine glass bowls. The surroundings in which the glasses are kept fall under this category. Keeping a wine glass in a locked cabinet can cause it to absorb the occasionally musty smell of the space. The fragrance of the cardboard is also picked up by storing a wine glass in a closed box. It is best to rinse the glass bowl after taking it out of the box or cabinet. Any odours that were trapped should be released. You don’t want to mistake the musty smell of the cabinet or the cardboard box for a smell that is similar to the cork taint The odour problem with box or cupboard storage can be resolved. 

Hang your glasses upside down

In a busy bar or restaurant where servers and bartenders require easy access to clean glass and everything needs to dry quickly, this wine glass storage solution makes perfect sense. But it can also be used at home, particularly if you have a limited amount of room. If you have the space, you may easily install wine glass hanging racks inside your kitchen cabinets to prevent dust from gathering inside your glasses you can safely store your wine glasses in a padded box designed specifically for wine glass storage if you only use them for formal holiday dinners or if you’re not quite ready to go with the set you registered for. Using cardboard dividers in a conventional moving or file box is an additional choice. Avoid placing your wine glasses behind a stack of books.

Finally, you have some options if you just have a little amount of cabinet space but another area where a free-standing rack or ceiling-mounted rack is a possibility. If you wish to keep the wine glasses out of tiny children’s grasp, these may also be effective.

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