Having a backyard pool is a great way to spend the warm months outside. The convenience means you can enjoy it whenever the desire strikes rather than waiting for the community pool to open. One key aspect of pool maintenance is testing the water. Here’s what you need to know.

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Why Test

Why should you bother with water testing Pittsburgh pools? For starters, there is more in your swimming pool water than just plain water. There are a variety of chemicals most notably chlorine. Minerals and metals such as copper, nitrates, iron, phosphates and manganese. Not to mention the bacteria, viruses and algae that can cause problems for humans and the equipment.

Testing Options

As a homeowner, you can test the water yourself using liquid test kits or test strips. The liquid test kits have a collection area for the pool water. Most have two collection areas: one for chlorine …

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You rely on your HVAC system to keep the air in your home comfortable and safe. One of the most important features of your HVAC system is the air filter. Air is drawn into the system through the filter before it is heated or cooled and returned into your home. Checking and changing your HVAC air filter regularly is crucial.

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Keep the Air Clean

The air filter of your HVAC system functions to remove contaminants such as dust, dirt, pollen, and other allergens from the air. Over time, the filter fills up. When it’s dirty, it can’t properly remove contaminants from the air. This can result in a greater concentration of dust or allergens in your home. For those with allergies, being in the home can be miserable. Changing the filter regularly ensures that all contaminants are removed from the air, keeping it safe for all to breathe.

Maintain an

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There are a lot of people who prefer to DIY when it comes to home maintenance projects. Not only does it save homeowners a lot of money, there is a certain satisfaction that comes from accomplishing projects around the home. Unfortunately, there are times when it’s best to leave projects to the professionals. In order to prevent extensive damage to your home or harm to yourself, here are instances when you should leave the work to the experts.

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Pest Control

Many homeowners make the mistake of handling pest control on their own. Picking up a can of ant or spider spray at your local grocery store does not count as pest control. When it comes to pest control services, a professional company has the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to eliminate any pest infestations in and around your home.

Major Remodeling

Any time that you need to get a …

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Getting more from your home can be beneficial in a number of ways. Making the right improvements helps you maximize how you use your house and may even help you add value to your property. If you’re looking to make some important changes around the house, now is the time to act. Consider these ideas and find the right adjustments for your home.

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Cosmetic Changes

First, you may want to think about changes you can make to your house’s appearance. Some of these tasks can be simple and are easily accomplished in a weekend. Make a project out of painting your kitchen cabinets, for example, and you can infuse some new life into the room with minimal effort. If you’re looking to tackle something a bit more complicated, hire professionals to paint the exterior of your home. This can boost its curb appeal and make it look like a …

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6 Simple Ways to Improve the Indoor Air Quality of Your Office

The quality of indoor air is often overlooked but should get more consideration. Poor air quality can lead to short-term health problems and also cause lasting health issues. The best way to negate the effects of indoor air pollutants is often to reduce exposure. Improve the air quality in a home by incorporating a few extra measures into the cleaning schedule.

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Change Air Filters

Keeping air filters clean is usually imperative for good air quality. This is usually a simple process that does not require hiring a professional to complete. An air filter may need replacing every two or three months. A good tactic for determining when to replace an air filter is to check it monthly for at least a year. With the information gathered, it can be easy to set up an air filter changing schedule.

Sweep Chimneys

Having the fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned at least …

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If a home renovation is on your agenda, consider a few improvements that will make your home more energy-efficient and sustainable. A few updates can improve the impact your home has on the environment, and your bank account. Sustainable homes can go a long way into saving money on bills.

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Whether adding an addition to your home or renovating a room, the insulation used impacts the energy efficiency of a building. Updated spray foam solutions for insulation may be the best bet for efficiency. Regarding performance, spray foam insulation is substantially more effective than standard fiberglass insulation. Spray foam insulation can also have a lifespan of more than four times that of fiberglass.


Certainly, when installing new windows opt for an energy-efficient option. If your windows do not need to be replaced, a more cost-effective solution is to guard against air leaks by ensuring windows have proper weather-stripping. …

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Ponds, streams, fountains and koi ponds: You’ve seen them at hotels, public venues and perhaps even at someone’s home. The clear water is beautiful and relaxing. You’ve decided that you want that for your home. You plan and build, then finally, you have the water feature you wanted. However, it looks cloudy and brown or green, not at all the look you were hoping to achieve. What went wrong? The key to clear water: lake aeration.

What Makes the Water Murky?

Water naturally contains minerals that may affect the clarity of the water. Soil and plants can also color the water feature. As plants decompose, they produce phosphates. Those particles of minerals, soil, and plants become suspended in the water, creating that cloudy, murky appearance. Algae occur naturally in all water and are not necessarily harmful. However, increased levels of phosphate can lead to an overgrowth, known as algae …

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Overexertion is a massive risk for warehouse management. According to the NSC, over 35,000 overexertion injurieshappened in warehouses in 2014. Overexertion costs thousands of lost work hours. The good news is overexertion is a preventable cost. There are a few simple tools and processes that you can use to minimize this risk and maximize uptime.


Every job benefits from the proper equipment. Warehouse management is no exception. Depending on the flow of your particular inventory space, a variety of important pieces of equipment should be considered. For example, if you manage delicate equipment — such as electronics or sensitive but heavy components — you might consider suspension casters as an option to reduce both over-exertion and damaged inventory risks. Hand-trucks, forklifts, and other similar machines are equally important.

Back Belts

A controversial piece of equipment is the back brace. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) …

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As a homeowner, it is up to you to ensure the house stays up to code at all times. When you allow it to fall into disrepair, you risk being fined by the city or county code enforcement board. These fines can be expensive and difficult to pay if you have limited financial resources.

Rather than allow your home to deteriorate in condition, you can keep it in the best shape possible by hiring professional work crews to fix it up for you. By hiring general handymen, painters, and roofing contractors brevard county florida hoemowners like you can get your place back up to code and look forward to a higher appraisal value the next time the county inspects your property.

Fast Yet Skillful Workers

The local code enforcement agency may not give you a lot of time to get the roofing work done on your house. After you receive …

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Having an eye for design can get you far, but just like any other artistic field out there, you may not yet have a full grasp on what type of interior design suits your personality best. While it may make some people uncomfortable by placing themselves into a category, being able to recognize what aesthetic works best with you shouldn’t be seen as a limiting thing. Instead, it can be liberating to know that you specialize in something, while still keeping yourself open to exploring and experimenting in other areas of design as your career grows.

Modern Design

Possibly one of the most popular and common types of interior designs being implemented today. There are many sub-categories that fit into modern design, but it’s most common theme includes geometric shapes playing off of each other through the furniture and decor, clean lines, and repeating patterns and complementary colors.

The color …

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