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university building does more than just look cool. Their design is integral to faculty being able to collaborate and innovate ideas in various fields of academia and the sciences. Architects are the unsung heroes who create the spaces for this innovation to occur.

Universities are a Hotspot for Medical Innovation

The architecture of medical campuses are pivotal in doctors and scientists being able to effectively communicate and develop ideas. Labs, surgery rooms and conference rooms are where people are able to push the envelop in what people think is possible in STEM. Without an effective work environment, professionals would be stunted how their ability to deliver information, work on projects and make their day to day jobs as productive as possible.

Libraries and Museums are the Heart of Academia

An effectively designed library allows scholars to utilize the full extend of text, artifacts and other historical documents in order to develop complex thoughts in social sciences. Economics even relies on text from previous economists to develop the rules that govern everything from decision making to socioeconomic interaction.  The spaces created for academics to discuss, debate and craft new disciplines in the social sciences are critical. Architects have exemplified their ability to turn college campuses into the premier destination for thinkers and innovators.

Don’t Forget About the Students

Students potentially benefit more from an architect’s work than anyone. The young minds to take classes in these buildings are the most vital resource. Through internships and abroad programs, College students take advantage of spaces around the world to develop themselves and their craft.

The creation of new university buildings also creates opportunity. The new space supports new ideas from not only doctors, economists and scientists but also students. Libraries and labs also give the next generation of minds a place to develop their passion and carry it forward next to their mentors who steer them.

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