People call the kitchen the heart of the home; if that’s true, the dining room is the lungs. In sharing meals, people share themselves, so honor the room in which this connection takes place. If your dining room is past its prime, it may be time to give it a breath of fresh air.

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Family Dinners

Table manners are taught one evening at a time. Furthermore, dinner conversations are prime opportunities to find out about each other. In casual daily discussions we uncover others’ opinions about current events and discover our own world views and life philosophies. Furnish the room with beautiful, classic and comfortable gat creek traditional furniture that encourages long dinner conversations and hours of chatting afterward.

Holiday Dinners

Many people gather at holiday time to commune with family and connect with friends. While daily meals are about comfort and ease, holiday get togethers are a chance to indulge in festive décor and luxurious place settings. Transform your table with placemats and napkins in seasonal colors. For autumn go with shades of orange and rust, for winter choose the traditional colors for whatever winter holidays you celebrate, then go with metallics to take you through the new year. A centerpiece of fresh flowers or candles adds interest and completes the look.

Beyond Dinner

Dining rooms are useful far beyond mealtime. Where else but the dining room table can you find 2000 square inches of empty horizontal space? Crafters have long appreciated the area to lay out supplies and still have a sizable area to work. School children and teens can use it as a homework station—not only is there room for multiple notebooks and textbooks but an adult is often close by for the occasional math question. Perhaps the best extra use for the dining room is as a makeshift game room, where people can work together on a puzzle, battle over a chessboard or bluff their way through a family poker tournament.

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