What is the Home Depot Appliance Return Policy in 2023?

what is the home depot appliance return policy?

When dealing with things in our home, it’s great to have peace of mind when trying something new. This is why I love the Home Depot return policy; it gives me peace of mind – something we all can appreciate when purchasing appliances.

If you are going to be bringing a fresh look to your home, you should get to know the return policy in detail to avoid any surprises.  Here is the Home Depot appliance return policy in more detail…

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Home Depot Return Policy – 48 Hour Return Policy:

These items include: “Washers, some Microwaves, Dryers, Refrigerators, Dryers, Ranges, and Dishwashers.”

Suppose you went to the store to purchase these appliances. Then the item will be delivered to your house. Upon delivery, you should inspect the item thoroughly. If you have noticed any defects, the product will be issued as “refused delivery.” You have 48 hours to issue the product as “refused delivery.” After that 48 hour period, you have no option to return it, even if you have proper receipts and documentation.

If you would like to return an item, contact the following number, (800) 455-3869.

Compare with Lowe’s Appliance Return Policy.

Home Depot Appliance Return Policy – 30 Days:

Home Depot return policy appliances are very easy and simple. These items include: “Generators (other than Whole House and Stationary Generators) Gas Powered Equipment and Tractors Consumer Electronics (Televisions & Computers).”

Return these items in-store to receive a refund. If you do not have the receipt, present the card you used to pay for the item. If you did not pay with a card or do not have the card, you may be able to present your id, and they will trust you with a refund.

You should also note that items that have been used will most likely not be returned. To prevent this, always save the original packaging.

How do I return without a receipt?

Finding a purchase within the system without a receipt is not a problem. As long as you purchased with a debit card, credit card or in-store credit card, you will receive a receipt. Using an in-store credit card, they can review your order back to 365 days. Using a debit or credit card, Home Depot can review an order for the previous 90 days. Unfortunately, if you have a missing receipt for a purchase made with cash, you are out of luck. This is because purchases made with cash are not tracked within the system.

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Home Depot Exchange Policy – How do I know if my item is returnable?

It is important to discern whether or not you can return your item. You may have an appliance that is an exception to the rule and can be returned. One place to check is the Home Depot Online catalog. In the description of each product, there is an indication of Returnable or not. For example, in this GE washer/dryer, you cannot return this item after 48 hours. This is when you should also understand the Home Depot exchange policy; in case the model isn’t quite right, then at least you can exchange it. 

What is the Home Depot online return policy on appliances?

“For your convenience, items purchased online can be returned to any of our stores within 90 days of purchase, subject to the Return Exceptions listed below…
If your online purchase was made with a The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge, or The Home Depot Commercial Account, you have 365 days from date of purchase to return the items to any of our stores to receive a full refund.  All existing Return Policy rules apply.”

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How Do I Return an Appliance?

Contact customer support at 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337). Tell the operator the details of your appliance as well as the condition of your item. Another option is to bring it into the store. Often, appliances brought into the store will require a call to Home Depot headquarters. But, again, it’s best to call the Home Depot support line before going in.

What do customers say about returning appliances?

You should note that returns are done on a case-by-case basis. One store may give you a return, while one may not. There are hundreds of factors that go into returns. For this reason, I have included many complaints about Home Depot’s appliance return policy. Keep in mind that every refund case is different.

Home Depot Appliance Return – “Returning through the phone is tedious and frustrating.”

It’s no secret that company’s don’t want you to return their items. Home Depot is no exception. A recurring story throughout the online comments is that Home Depot has a very tedious return process.

Home Depot Restocking Fee – “They may charge a restocking fee.”

According to Home Depot, if an item is purchased out of buyer’s remorse, Home Depot will charge a restocking fee. Therefore, an item being returned is that the product is subjected to a 15 to 20 percent restocking fee. Adding up to over 100 dollars in some cases, this can be a problem. Although the charge is deducted out of the refund money, it is still something to consider.

“Free shipping is not free shipping.”

If you would like to return a product by shipping it back, you will not be compensated for shipping. You will only be compensated for the product. This is also on top of the fact that there is a restocking fee. The only time you will be compensated for shipping is if Home Depot commits an error.

** What you should know about Home Depot returns:

There are many conflicting stories about the return policy. However, even if your appliance does not meet the criteria to be returned, you may still have a chance. I recommend going through all the sources listed. Ask nicely and be persistent. You will be surprised how often a product is returned even though it shouldn’t be.

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