Unusual Acts of Eco-Kindness

There are certain phrases and practices that are central to green movements. “Reduce, reuse, recycle” is one. You’ll also often hear advice about choosing sustainably sourced products. You might be picturing solar panels and windmills. But there are other, less familiar ways to help save the planet. 

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Repair, Adapt and Upgrade

Not all eco-friendly buildings are new and shiny with row upon row of solar panels on the roof. The adage to reduce, reuse and recycle can apply to construction as well. Adaptive reuse of old buildings for new purposes helps cut back on waste and with proper upgrades, there’s no reason an old building can’t be made just as energy efficient as a new one. 

Walk the Walk

Being eco-friendly isn’t always convenient and part of that includes reducing the miles you drive. Sure it’s convenient to be able to hop in the car and go, but you aren’t doing the environment any favors. By walking and taking public transportation you can help to make it easier for others to do the same. This is not just good for the environment, it’s good for the community. Many lower-income families rely on public transportation, but because so many people own cars, those public transportation systems are often ignored and underfunded. 

Talk to Your Representative

The last one is potentially the most annoying and the most important. Call your representatives. The small changes that you can make in your day to day life should also be taken by the government on a local, state and federal level. Private actions must be backed up by government initiatives. Make sure that your representatives know that you care. 

As the environment changes, eco-friendliness becomes less and less optional. Given the environmental issues the world is facing, we can’t ignore creative thinking and out of the box solutions to our growing concerns. Difficult problems require innovative solutions. 

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