Simple Ways To Improve Air Quality in the Home

6 Simple Ways to Improve the Indoor Air Quality of Your Office

The quality of indoor air is often overlooked but should get more consideration. Poor air quality can lead to short-term health problems and also cause lasting health issues. The best way to negate the effects of indoor air pollutants is often to reduce exposure. Improve the air quality in a home by incorporating a few extra measures into the cleaning schedule.

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Change Air Filters

Keeping air filters clean is usually imperative for good air quality. This is usually a simple process that does not require hiring a professional to complete. An air filter may need replacing every two or three months. A good tactic for determining when to replace an air filter is to check it monthly for at least a year. With the information gathered, it can be easy to set up an air filter changing schedule.

Sweep Chimneys

Having the fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned at least once a year is generally effective for maintaining air quality. Cleaning the chimney can reduce carbon monoxide in the home and cause the fireplace to work more efficiently. Finding a credible chimney sweep in your area with a simple internet search is easy. Include the city in a search, such as chimney sweep Washington DC, to find local companies.

Clean Carpets

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned revitalizes the carpet and combats allergens and other pollutants. Most experts recommend that carpets be steam cleaned once a year. While this is a good general rule, it may not be enough. Consider how much traffic a carpeted area gets. Also, pets and young children tend to create a need for more frequent cleaning. 

Protect the air quality in a home by maintaining a regular cleaning schedule and incorporating these additional measures. Think of it as preventative maintenance to combat exposure to allergens and toxins. Take action to improve indoor air quality, and start breathing the difference.

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