Tips to Make the Bathroom Bright

In addition to being clean and odor-free, the atmosphere of the bathroom must also look bright in order to be comfortable. However, many bathrooms have limited natural light or no windows, making them a bit dark

We certainly have an ideal picture of the perfect bathroom in our homes. Usually you will see some interior designs on social media, taking unique and interesting photos of the bathroom from various angles, it doesn’t matter if there is light coming in near the window, then it is reflected on the wall and shines near the dressing area, making the bathroom look perfect.

Add lighting

Is it difficult to read the toiletry label in the bathroom? It’s time to add some lighting. If you can’t add natural light, add a recessed light in the bathroom ceiling. Get help from a handyman to create more suitable lighting for a dark bathroom.

Use neutral ceramic

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, you have the opportunity to replace the bathroom tiles, including walls and floors.

Instead, opt for neutral colored tiles and patterned tiles. Preferred colors are ivory, cream, and white. Finish off the look by painting the walls a neutral color and using white paint on the ceiling to reflect a lot of light and look bright.

Paint with bright colors

If your bathroom walls are covered with dark paint or light-absorbing wallpaper, add a few coats of varnish.

Paint color doesn’t have to be white. There are many choices of bright paint colors such as blue, yellow, red, which can reflect light and make the room feel brighter.

Install the lamp on the edge of the mirror

This lamp will illuminate your face in detail so you can apply your makeup well.

Keep the mess out

A dark and messy bathroom will look gloomy. Therefore, a lot of light is used to make the bathroom look neat and tidy.

Use a reflective surface

Sanitary fixtures, lamps and mirror frames made of brass or chrome are used in bathrooms.

Glossy reflective metal surfaces can reflect light around a dark bathroom, making the room look brighter.

Consider Wallpaper

Wallpaper can make even the dullest of bathrooms look brighter. Because the size of the bathroom is usually small, wallpaper is an economical choice. Choose a catchy, cute pattern, or something with metal elements for a light and elegant finish. Of course, you can use wallpaper in the mirror area or toilet wall, not in the shower area.

Install Open Storage Racks

If the room is dark and cramped, the last thing you want is a large wardrobe that takes up a lot of wall space. On the other hand, you’ll want a bright and airy open space. In this way, having open storage space will meet your needs. In addition, shelves can be placed beautiful accessories such as plants and candles.

Add a little Plant

Small plants will add vitality to any room, but when there is no natural light to keep the plants vital, it can get a little tricky. The advantage is that you can install artificial plants that can adapt to the nuances of the room, and are easier to maintain.

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