Improve the Efficiency of Your Home This Season

The cold weather season is upon us, and with it comes the extra energy costs of heating your home. If you are tired of fighting the uphill battle of energy consumption, consider making a few upgrades to your home to protect against costly waste.

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Update Insulation

Upgrading your home’s insulation can greatly affect the comfort of your home and reduce the cost to heat and cool it. Hire a spray foam contractor to apply spray foam insulation in your attic and anywhere you require additional insulation or need to replace your insulation. With spray foam, you get some of the most advanced insulation in the industry.

Check Windows

Simply checking to see if your windows and doors are properly sealed is an easy and cost-effective way to reduce your home’s energy consumption. You can perform a visual inspection by looking for any light pollution coming through your window and door seals. Another method of checking for leaky seals is with a candle. Turn any fans off as well as your heater or air conditioner so that the air inside your home is still. Once there is no artificial air movement in your home, light a candle and guide it along the edges of your windows and doors. The flame will begin to flicker anywhere the seal is compromised.

Upgrade Water Fixtures

If you haven’t already installed low flow water fixtures you may want to invest in them. You can get highly effective and efficient fixtures such as showerheads and toilets. You may be surprised at some of the options available that could reduce your water consumption by close to half.

There are plenty of options for upgrades when it comes to improving the efficiency of your home. Being diligent about knowing where costs can be cut and knowing the long-term savings of any project you tackle is important when choosing what to do first. Take the time to research your options and upgrade your way into savings this season.

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