Get Your Outdoors in Order — Winter Is Coming

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In many areas, winter is already here! You’ve already gone through the list of tasks to get your house ready. Don’t forget to protect your treasured outdoor space from a brutal season of wind, snow and sleet.

Driveways and Walkways

Inspect your driveway for damage, ideally before the first snowfall. Water from melting snow and ice can seep into cracks and then freeze, causing expansion and worsening of surface integrity. It is generally advised to seal concrete and asphalt driveways every one to three years. Keep your driveway clear of debris that might become trapped under ice and add damage. Pay attention to the type of ice melt you use on your driveways and walkways; ice melts containing chloride can chemically attack concrete. Calcium-based melts are generally less corrosive; however, be aware that these are potentially harmful to pets.

Yard & Landscape

If you have a fence that is old and rotting, harsh winter months could lead to a collapse and potential damage to your (or your neighbor’s) yard. You may consider replacing it now, and winter can be an excellent time for fence installation. You can contact fence companies Columbus Ohio to get started. Encourage your lawn, trees and flowerbeds to return healthy in the spring by winterizing your landscaping. Store hoses and sprinklers and drain outdoor spigots to help prevent pipes bursting.

Roof & Gutters

Check your roof for normal or accelerated wear from storms. Loose flashing can lead to leaks inside your home. Damaged shingles could slide under the snow, exposing vulnerable roof areas to the elements. Inspect your chimney for cracked bricks or crumbling mortar. Clean your gutters and check attachment points that might prevent ice and snow runoff from flowing away correctly. Examine any surrounding trees for dead branches that could potentially cause damage if they were to fall due to wind or heavy ice.

Your home is more than just the walls that keep you warm and dry in the winter. Taking steps to care for your outer home can help it retain value and add to your enjoyment through the years.

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