Everything You Need To Know About Aluminum Alloy

What are aluminum alloys?

Have you ever been fascinated by the types of metal and elements used to create buildings, transportation and objects around you? Aluminum alloy is a favored material used to create all kinds of things, including airplanes. But what exactly is it? Here is the ultimate guide to aluminum alloy.

What Is Aluminum Alloy?

To keep it simple, aluminum alloy is created when other elements are added to pure aluminum. This is to improve the properties of the aluminum, such as increasing its strength. 

Some alloys can be strengthened with the help of heat treating Milan MI. This process heats up the metal to a specific point, and then quickly cools it. This also improves the strength, durability and surface hardness of the alloyed metal.

What Is Aluminum Alloy Used For?

You’ll find this alloyed metal in engineering structures such as aerospace crafts. This is because components of these structures need to be lightweight and resistant to corrosion. 

Aluminum in general is used widely for transportation because it allows structures to have lighter weight, and therefore requires less force to move. Aluminum transportation has better fuel efficiency.

Things You Didn’t Know About Aluminum Alloy

As mentioned before, aluminum has many benefits and is the reason why designers and engineers use it so often. Luckily, aluminum is one of the most commonly found minerals on Earth.

Because of all its uses, aluminum is also one of the most globally used metals. In many cases, it is recyclable. A whopping 75% of all aluminum formed is still being used today because it is a green metal. 

With so many uses of aluminum, it makes sense to make it even stronger by mixing it with other elements. This creation, aluminum alloy, has benefitted society for many years and will continue to be used in our transportation and other structures. 

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