4 Signs You Need a Septic Tank Cleaning

Life has a bad habit of getting hectic especially when you work and maintain a home. Although some chores can be put off until later, septic tank maintenance cannot be neglected. If you’ve ignored your septic tank for too long, here are four signs you desperately need it cleaned.

1. Multiple Clogs at Once

While everyone gets a stopped-up drain at some point, if they’re all slow at the same time, chances are your septic system is clogged. If this happens, call your septic company as soon as possible before you end up with backed-up sewage. To avoid this problem in the future, schedule a routine cleaning every 3-5 years.

2. Unpleasant Odor

Septics are designed to keep odors at bay, so when you smell something, there’s a problem. An unpleasant septic odor inside or outside the home usually qualifies as an emergency. A foul odor indicates that your septic is full and needs a septic tank cleaning Orlando as quickly as possible.

3. Slow Drains and Toilet

When a septic tank needs cleaning or pumping, you won’t need to look far for evidence. Suddenly you’ll notice standing water in your sinks that takes forever to drain. The toilet might also not fully flush. If any of these signs occur, call for help.

4. Tall Grass Over Drainfield

Every septic tank has an area called a drainfield where the water that leaves the tank is purified. If the grass in this area is tall and lush, that’s a warning that your septic is full and needs to be cleaned out. You may also find standing water and the area will be wet and soggy.

Out of all your household maintenance chores, cleaning your septic is one that can’t be ignored. If you’ve got clogs, a foul odor or a wet yard, septic cleaning is in short order.

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