3 Creative Ways To Use Stone in Your Landscape

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There are many creative things you can do to improve the look of your landscape. Using stone for these tasks is a great idea since, when installed correctly, it lasts for a long time and resists wear. Consider these three ways that stone can be incorporated into your yard to make it more functional and attractive. 

1. To Support Slopes

If you’ve always wanted a flat lawn, but your property is sloping, you might still have an option. Residential retaining walls Memphis TN offer a practical way to create a strong, stable, and long-lasting solution to sloped landscapes. They are incredibly durable, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them after a few years like you would with a wooden structure. 

2. To Create a Focal Point

Some stones simply call out for attention. These can make a great focal point in your yard with a little planning. Start with a larger stone or boulder that has a unique shape, texture or color. Create an area around it for an unobstructed view. In many cases, this will be a small island or border garden. Smaller pebbles or ground cover plants can make a nice accent against it. Landscape lights can be used to draw the eye to your new focal point. 

3. To Mark a Path

many homeowners choose to add pathways to keep foot traffic in specific areas. It can be a useful tool in maintaining a healthy and neat lawn. Stones and pavers are a nice addition that clearly marked the edges of paths. Because they stand up well to foot traffic, small stones are also an excellent alternative to mulch for creating paths throughout your yard.

Stone is a versatile landscaping material that can serve many purposes. It can make for a durable and attractive walkway or retaining wall. Larger stones also make great decorative pieces if incorporated into the surrounding landscape. 

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