3 Best Curb-Appeal Boosting Home Updates

Feeling as if your home’s exterior could use a major style upgrade? It’s a great idea to undertake some home improvement projects to give your property a whole new look. Here are three excellent ways to give your home’s curb appeal a much-needed makeover!

6 Simple Ways To Boost Your Listing's Curb Appeal - Inman

1. Install New Hardscape

Poorly maintained outdoor paved surfaces such as driveways and walkways can truly drag down the curb appeal of any home. If your paved areas are cracked and damaged, you’ll need to install new hardscape, such as concrete or asphalt paving. These areas don’t have to look boring, though! Upgrade to stamped concrete or asphalt to give these areas a more aesthetic appearance.

2. Refresh Your Landscaping

If you want your home’s exterior to look good, you’ve got to make sure your landscaping is up to par. You likely already have the landscaping basics covered, such as mowing your grass regularly and trimming unruly shrubs or trees. With a little extra effort, your landscaping can really shine. Plant new floral groupings and surround them with fresh mulch. Make the job easier by hiring a professional service for mulch delivery Cincinnati.  

3. Add Outdoor Lighting

Set your home apart from the rest and create a stunning first impression by installing new outdoor lighting. Lighting is a great way to highlight the unique features of your home’s exterior as well as interesting landscaping qualities. Fixtures for downlighting can be used under eaves to light up your home’s façade. Uplighting fixtures are ideal for showcasing impressive trees or shrubbery. Don’t forget to install lighting along paths and walkways to light the way for visitors as they arrive at your property, creating a warm and welcoming first impression.

Take pride in your home by making some aesthetic upgrades. By following these tips, your home’s curb appeal will be sure to impress!

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