Super Deal Commercial Stainless Steel Semi-Auto Meat Slicer Review 2021

Super Deal Commercial Stainless Steel Semi-Auto Meat Slicer

Nowadays, most of us have modular kitchens. Our kitchens are designed to be stylish and sophisticated. Most of the appliances in the kitchen are automated and electrical. We have a food processor for chopping and kneading, a mixer grinder for our grinding needs, and even our dirty dishes are washed in a dishwasher.

We are all busy in our lives, and to make our busy lives smooth and easy, automated and, electrical kitchen appliances have become part of our kitchen. One such appliance that brings convenience and comfort to our kitchen is the Super Deal Commercial Semi-Auto Food Slicer. This Super Deal Food slicer can slice various food such as meat, cheese, and vegetables. Let’s look at the benefits of this Super Deal Slicer.


Built and design – Super Deal has designed this product to be durable. The body is made of aluminum, and the blade is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel will resist corrosion, and it will always maintain a sharp edge. The diameter of the blade is 10” rotary. The machine is tilted and has a removable carriage system. It also includes a meat grip arm and guard cover. The machine looks sophisticated, compact and designed for home as well as commercial use. The overall dimension of the slicer is 19” x 18-7/10” x 16-1/2”.

Power – The Super Deal slicer provides 1/3 horsepower to slice up a massive quantity of veggies and meats quickly. The machine runs on 110v and 240W and has a speed of 530 rpm.

Sharpener – It has a built-in dual whetstones sharpener. You can conveniently sharpen the blades anytime without removing them from the machine.

Slicing Thickness Control – The slicing thickness can be controlled and adjusted from 0 to 13mm (1/2”). Thus, it can cut frozen meat to softer meat with exact precision and consistency.

Ring Guard – The Super Deal slicer has a removable ring guard. The ring guard protects and safeguards any accidents by preventing contact with the blade.

Metal Pusher – The feed tray has a metal pusher that allows you to put pressure to slice food with consistency and precision.

Product Tray – The product tray is 8” x 7” inches. It can hold a good amount of food. On the side of the tray, it has a push handle to control the machine.

Thickness control – It has a control knob with 15 options to adjust the thickness. For example, it can cut ultra-fine to thicker slices.

Easy to clean – The components like food carriage, grip arm and ring guard are removable. You can remove and clean these parts and then place them back in the slicer. You can rinse them with soapy water and dry them with a towel before placing them back in the machine.

Now that we know the benefits of the Super Deal Food Slicer let’s look at the drawbacks of this product.


Thickness Selector – The thickness knob may be a bit hard to turn on your first couple of uses. But after a couple of uses, it won’t be challenging to turn the knob. 

Cleaning – There may be a challenge to clean the blade as it is difficult to remove from the machine.

Cutting through bone – Use boneless meat; avoid cutting through bone. The bone may damage or get stuck in the machine.

Safety measures:

  1. Avoid children from using the machine. You should only use the slicer by 18 years and above adults. Even though it has a ring guard for safety, keeping kids away from any sharp objects and slicers is advisable.
  2. Read the user manual before you start using the slicer.
  3. Do not put your hand near the blade while the machine is working.
  4. Always wear a hand glove when touching the blade to avoid any cuts or accidents.
  5. After rinsing, wipe the components with a towel to dry them.
  6. Always place the ring guard back in place to avoid any contact with the blade.

Recommendation – This is a reasonably priced product that you can buy for home or commercial use. It is a small and compact machine that will perfectly fit your home kitchen, meat shop or restaurant. The powerful engine can easily slice up the meat, vegetable, and cheese for entrees, pizzas, pasta, and sandwiches.

The super deal slicer package will contain two whetstones and an instruction manual along with the food slicer. 

This convenient and heavy-duty machine is designed for functionality and keeping safety in mind. It is efficient and productive in commercial kitchens like a sub shop, food truck, coffee shop, and even medium volume restaurants.

This slicer will be an advantage in your kitchen for all those planning to start your venture like a food joint, food truck or coffee shop. This will make your slicing job easy and quick, and you can spend more time cooking, cleaning and other operational work in the shop. You don’t have to worry when your shop gets busy; you can cut a massive amount of food in lesser time.

This Super Deal slicer is ideal in any meat lover’s kitchen. It can cut anything from chicken, pork or mutton. It can slice super thin salami into steaks. Then, it will cut the piece with precision and consistency.

If you have guests or a party at home, you can do the slicing job on this Super Deal slicer in a lesser amount of time. It can slice all your veggies for salads, sandwiches, or pizzas and a considerable amount of meat for barbeque, stew, roast or steaks.

It’s perfect for big families who enjoy meat every day. Also, working women and men can slice up a few veggies and meat for their lunch boxes and breakfast or dinner without wasting much time in chopping.

This slicer will win you some praises for its precisely sliced veggies and meat.

This slicer will also fit in small kitchens as it is compact in design. It won’t take additional space.


  • Strong build and design
  • Excellent power
  • Dual Sharpener
  • Slicing thickness control
  • Ring Guard
  • Metal Pusher
  • Product Tray
  • Easy to clean


  • Difficult to remove the blade
  • The thickness knob is a bit stiff
  • Can’t cut through bone easily


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