Aicok Vacuum Sealer Review 2022

Aicok Vacuum Sealer Review

Today’s fast-paced world barely leaves us with any time to spend with the family or just relaxing. Imagine having a device that helps you save time to unwind over the weekend doing things you enjoy. Aicok Vacuum Sealer enables you to store meal preps for days, thus allowing you to save time. You can also save money by making a bulk purchase of some seasonal items at a reasonable price and enjoy them for a long time. Aicok Vacuum Sealer helps in maintaining the freshness of the food for five times longer. It is, therefore, the best choice for storing perishable food items such as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat etc.

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Aicok Vacuum Sealer has powerful suction with 0.75 Barvacuum pressure and 9L per minute vacuum speed. This pressure and rate are ideal for storing in a vacuumed condition. In addition, the Pulse Vacuum feature allows you to control the degree of the vacuum. All you need to do is press the button for as long and release it when you want to stop the vacuum. This feature has been designed keeping in mind the adequate storage of soft foods like vegetables and fruits.

This vacuum sealer from Aicok is exceptionally compact and does not occupy much space on the counter. It can also be easily stored in one of the kitchen drawers when not in use. Furthermore, Aicok Vacuum Sealer facilitates easy and convenient operation. Just a click of a button helps retain the freshness of food. Besides being easy, the process is fast. It only takes about 10 to 20 seconds to vacuum as well as seal the food.

Storing food in Ziploc bags or plastic boxes occupies a lot of space in the freezer. Using seal bags to keep food helps save a lot of space. The Aicok Vacuum Sealer comes with a kit. If you are new to using vacuum sealers, this kit will help you get started. The kit includes five medium-sized bags and five large-sized bags, and the Aicok Vacuum Sealer. The vacuum bags included in the kit are waterproof and reusable. The Aicok Vacuum Sealer can quickly work with bag rolls/vacuum bags if you need additional bags. It is important to note that for effective sealing, the width of the bags must be 11.8 inches or less.

Apart from keeping the food fresh, using Aicok Vacuum Sealer will help marinate meat fast as the vacuum pressure helps infuse the marinade liquid quickly. Furthermore, using the sous vide cooking technique helps retain the moisture and nutrients of the food.

Aicok Vacuum Sealer can be easily cleaned with warm water and a bar of antibacterial soap; it is necessary to clean vacuum sealers after every use as bacteria tend to build up quickly.

Tip: Pre-freeze fish and meat for an hour or two before vacuum packing in an Aicok Sealing Bag. This will help retain the shape and juices as well as offer a good seal that holds.


  • Keeps the food fresh for almost five times longer.
  • Easy operation.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compact size for convenient use and storing


  • Lack of a drip tray can tend to leave the countertop messy


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