3 Types of Insurance Claims

An insurance claim involves asking your insurance company to pay for something that you have insurance on, such as a car or a house. Filing a claim involves filling out forms and sometimes taking photos of any damage that has occurred. Even if your claim is approved, you may still have to pay a deductible on the claim, if this is mentioned in your policy. Here are three types of insurance claims. 

1. Home Insurance

A homeowner might make a claim on their home for damage or loss of property caused by fire, thunderstorm, snow, or hail. Besides natural disasters, home insurance claims can involve home burglaries, vandalism, and coverage in the event that someone was injured on your property. Your insurance claims St Louis MO company will go over what can and cannot be covered under your home insurance policy. 

2. Car Insurance

An auto insurance claim is typically filed after a vehicle accident and covers damage sustained to your vehicle, as well as damage sustained to other vehicles in the accident if you are deemed to be at fault for the wreck. Car insurance often covers bodily injury liability in the event that someone is hurt in the accident. Car insurance can also help you cover the cost of a new vehicle if your car is damaged in a natural disaster or stolen. 

3. Health Insurance

Depending on your policy, a health insurance provider may submit the claim for you, or require you to submit your medical claim. Going to the doctor, having surgery, or filling a prescription are all events that may require you to file a health insurance claim. Make sure you are aware of what your copays are for medical visits. 

These are three types of insurance claims that you may have to make in the event of a natural disaster, accident, or medical appointment. 

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