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​If you want to make sure that your kitchen lighting is as practical and functional as possible, you need to mix and match four different layers of it efficiently. These include task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting. That way, you will create a space that’s pleasant to spend time in and a proper environment for preparing your healthy meals.

Ambient lighting

Ambient light is the leading centerpiece light in any room, and the kitchen is no different. Essentially, these lighting solutions are considered the primary light source, which will softly fill out the whole space with brightness. So in that respect, you should make sure that these lights are not too strong or bright. What’s more, you have plenty of freedom when it comes to design.

Many people like to use fan chandeliers for the kitchen, but you don’t have to limit yourself to create a unique look. For example, some of the new trends in ambient kitchen lighting include pendant-like chandeliers and flush-mounted ceiling fixtures.

Task lighting

Task lighting in kitchen

It’s hard to say which layer of lighting is the most important for kitchen lighting, but task lighting is something that can make a huge difference. Essentially, task lighting involves those lighting solutions installed in the areas where you need to focus on meal prep the most. So, under the cabinets, over the island, etc.

If you don’t have proper task lighting solutions in your kitchen, you can always go for LED light strips that are easily attachable to any surface and don’t waste too much energy. This can come in handy for your pantry as well. In general, try to opt for smart LED bulbs for every lighting fixture in your home.

In the end, the kitchen is the most significant source of energy waste. So it’s up to you to try and minimize the trash, as well as your carbon footprint, with intelligent, star-rated appliances, such as energy-efficient Electrolux refrigerators and microwaves, as well as LED lights.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting wasn’t considered a must-have for kitchen space. Of course, you can still get away with proper ambient and task lighting solutions. However, if you want to create a warm and cozy place out of your kitchen that’s as interestingly decorated as the rest of your home and invites for family gatherings, you should think about your accent light choices.

For example, you can use small accent lights to highlight some of your wall art or use them in glass cabinets to illuminate your beautiful china pieces. Even if you like the pattern on your wall tiles or vinyl wallpaper, you can arrange little accent lights to make the said pattern stand out more. Wall sconces and recessed lights are some of the most popular options in this case.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting is not a genuinely separate layer compared to the other three that we already mentioned. In general, decorative lighting refers to your task’s ornamental and decorative value, ambient and accent lighting solutions. In that respect, this is where you get to play with different designs and looks of light covers and similar. It would be best to match this aspect to the rest of your home so that you effectively unite and balance your entire home décor. Of course, if you like to go for a specific theme for each of your rooms, you can match the design of your light fixtures to whatever style you have going on.

If you take the time to come up with the look you want for your kitchen, you can also spruce up the whole project with proper lighting choices. Of course, plenty of natural light is always essential, but how you deal with your artificial lighting can be as crucial for your complete comfort and happiness.

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